Pre-Requisits to join a raffle:

1. Connect with Metamask

2. Link your Twitter account in Settings

1. When you join a raffle you'll be assigned to a ticket number.

2. Ticket number is given based on the end microseconds value of the Unixtime (learn more)

3. The ticket number will be sorted by Ascending values, lowest number will be on top.
Lets spice things up! GAMIFICATION time!

1. We've added re-roll function to spice things up!

2. After you've joined the raffle, there's a 1 minute cooldown period. After that refresh the page and you'll get a re-roll.

3. Re-roll will assign you with a new ticket number. If you think you have a good enough lower ticket number, don't re-roll (lower is better), if you think your luck can do better, re-roll. The choice is up to you. Decide wisely!

4. The earlier you join, the more re-rolls you'll get, but cooldown is always 1 minute till end of raffle time. Re-rolls doesnt carry-forward or accumulate.

5. There will an indicator number beside your ticket number of how many rolls you have done. You can click on it to view your roll history.

6. Good Luck! happy Raf-Rolling!
here are the raffles by @eboyarts:

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Create your own raffle!

Raffle namespace i.e eboy-raffle-123 (no spacing)
how long the raffle gonna last in minutes i.e 30 (recommended)
how many winners? i.e. 10
T&C & Prize & Details about raffle